Scholar and Educator  

Ashley is a Level II Ph.D. Student in the Department of Theatre and Performance at the CUNY Graduate Center. She holds her M.A. from the Performance Studies Program at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. Her research interests include exploring theatre practices in war zones, applications of theatre in social justice movements, politics and performance in times of crisis, community-based theatre, intersections between anthropology and theatre, and documentary theatre.


Ashley has taught workshops, classes, and private coaching in acting, scene study, ensemble devised theatre and socio-political theatre, throughout the five boroughs of New York City. Additionally, she has taught workshops and classes across the USA, Europe and Asia. She has developed curriculum, and taught, for Girl Be Heard, Queens Theatre and the McCarter Theatre Center. Currently, Ashley is a faculty member in the School of Performing Arts at Pace University and Hunter College. 


Student Testimonies 


"I've had the pleasure of having Ashley as a mentor throughout my first year with Girl Be Heard, as well as during my time devising their main stage production, Embodi(ED). I've also been fortunate enough to attend Pace University where I would then have her as a professor for a course, "The Drama of Social Change", that effortlessly mixed drama with sociology in its lessons. Through her guidance in Girl Be Heard it was easy to feel comfortable enough to explore my writing on a more personal and universal level, that I wasn't sure I had the courage to try. In class at Pace our discussions and and readings were always fascinating and eye-opening, it was impossible to leave the room without taking with you a wealth of new information that, in my case, lead to inspiration for creative work. I know that Ashley is a mentor that I can rely on now, and even in the future to come". 

- Nina Tandilashvili 


"Ashley teaches beyond the syllabus and job description. She invests not only her incredible teaching vision but her heart in her students and the work that is created. I've loved being mentored by Ashley and she has been a real rock, especially during my undergraduate education. I would not be where I am today, both artistically and as a human, had it not been for Ashley Marinaccio".

- Monica Furman 


"Ashley Marinaccio is a one of a kind educator whose unique approach to education not only understands but fully embraces the necessity for real world application to classroom theory. Studying under Ashley Marinaccio left me well equipped and prepared to enter the professional industry".

- Vinny Eden Ortega 


"I am so thankful to have had such a caring, devoted, and invested teacher. Her enthusiasm for every subject is contagious. Having worked with Ashley in and out of the classroom on projects, her collaboration and loyalty is why I'll always want Ashley in my corner".

- Laura Wynne


"Ashley Marinaccio changed my life the day she introduced our class to the concept of theatre for social change. Having worked with her as both her student, and an actor, I whole heartedly say Ashley is a constant source of inspiration".

- Larissa Jeanniton 


"I have worked with Ashley through Girl Be Heard, as well as taken several courses with her at Pace University. She is the prime example of role model for me - proving it is possible to be both an activist and an artist".

- Jamie Saunders 


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Karen Gunn 

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