Artist Statement

I am a storyteller who uses the art of theatre to explore the human condition. I create work that tackles the state of humanity and our world. I believe in the power of theatre to open minds, hearts and ultimately bring about change. 


In 2006 I was living in Beirut, Lebanon when the country went to war. Living in war has affected both my personal life and creative life immensely, prompting me to use theatre as means to explore complex questions around violence, war and peace building. I am a founder and Artistic Director of Girl Be Heard and Co-Op Theatre East, two New York City based progressive theatres actively involved in creating social change. My work with both companies and as a freelance director, playwright and performer has received critical acclaim for its innovative and intellectually ambitious yet accessible storytelling and generous exchange between performer and spectator. 


My involvement in feminist, queer and peace activism has led me to question how information, personal agency and awareness of my own community’s struggles are being transmitted to the broader society which may not be as familiar with these issues. Theatre is a starting point for new dialogue and ideas. By creating theatre that challenges the status quo, we ask evocative, challenging questions of artists and audiences and can finally begin to break down historical confines and act beyond our comfort zones.